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Be ahead of the game by prepaying entry fees!  Just takes a few simple steps.  

1. Use the appropriate calculator below. You will need to be at a computer to input numbers in the sheet.  (Be sure to include applicable office fees and non-membership fees if competing as a non-member.  For youth organizations, entry fees reflect 1 day's entry.  So be sure to enter number 1 if only entering 1 day or 2 if entering 2 days at the bottom of the calculator page.)

2. Once the contestant(s) fees are calculated, WRITE DOWN that number and click on the Pay Now With PayPal button. 

3. You should now see a screen similar to the one below.  Click Send.

4. Log into PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account you will want to do this at this time.

5. Once you sign in you can then enter the following:

    1. The total amount of Entry Fees that you wrote down using the Entry Fee Calculator.
    2.  In the Add a Note section type in which association along with location and each contestants name.
    3.  Once you review and confirm the information you entered is correct, click Continue.

6.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!  Be sure to change "Paying for an Item or Service" by clicking on the arrow and change to SENDING TO A FRIEND.  If this is not selected, contest will be required to pay for services charges prior to competing in the rodeo.  Please note we are offering to use PayPal friends and family as a convience to you and High Stakes Rodeo nor the associationed body is profiting by using this service.

7.  Select your form of payment.

8.  You will now want to confirm that all information entered is correct; Entry Fee Amount, That you have selected SENDING TO A FRIEND, and added in the notes which assoication and long with location and names of contestants.  Once this is confirmed click Send Payment Now.

9.  You are all done!  Good luck and we will see you at the rodeo!

MKYRA Entry Fee Calculator